Welcome to The Center for Cannabinoid Nursing and Integrative Science.

At CINCS.org our mission is the Holistic Integration of Cannabinoid Science into Global Public Health.

Our primary focus here at CINCS, is the distribution of evidenced based public health information, cannabinoid  education and holistic integration into Tertiary Prevention public health.

We strive to increase awareness of the multidimensional environmental, cultural and social factors  contributing to the vulnerability of those choosing to integrate cannabinoid therapy into a self care regiment.




The Center for Integrative Nursing and Cannabinoid Sciences is a global public health agency nurturing the ethical integration of cannabinoid sciences into the multidimensional context of everyday health and wellbeing.

At The Center for Integrative Nursing and Cannabinoid Sciences, we help vulnerable populations failed by Western medicine, to align with wellbeing by cultivating a healthy endocannabinoid system.

At the leading edge of the holistic integration of cannaceutical sciences into the well being of populations around the world.

Our Mission

Our Mission

To increase wellbeing and decrease vulnerability of global populations by the ethical integration of cannabinoid sciences into the sociopolitical context of health through the generation and dissemination of evidenced based education, research and information.

Who Are We

Courtney Allen-Gentry,RN MSN PHN AHN-BC HWNC-BC is the Founder and Visionary of The Center for Integrative Nursing and Cannabinoid Sciences.

Advanced Public Health Nurse, Board Certified Advanced Holistic Nurse, Board Certified Integrative Health and Wellness Nurse Coach. 

Nurse Courtney has has spent a lifetime immersed in the socio political, cultural and environmental context of cannabis and its impact on the lives of vulnerable populations.

Currently my practice as a Holistic and Integrative Public Health Nurse Coach primarily supports clients turning to cannabis medicine due to the failure of the Western medical system.

My background in nursing includes:

  • MSN, Community Public Health Nursing, San Francisco State University, 2000
  • California Board Certified Advanced Public Health Nurse since 2000
  • Board Certified Advanced Health and Wellness Nurse Coach since 2015
  • Emergency Room nurse since 2009
  • Pediatric, Family and Geriatric Nurse Advocate/Healthcare Navigator
  • Music Camp Nurse, Cazedero Performing Arts, 10 years
  • Nurse Educator since 2000
  • Chronic Disease Manager including Diabetes since 2000
  • Independent Nursing Scholar since 2014
  • Expert Nurse Witness since 2011
  • US Army Reserves, Surgical Tech; M*A*S*H
  • Advanced Cardiac Life Support Certified
  • Pediatric Life Support Certified
  • Advanced Disaster Relief @ National Center for National Security and Biopreparedness 

The Center for Integrative Nursing and Cannabinoid Sciences, my virtual nursing center, has led me to profound experiences speaking and presenting at three International conferences:

1st International Integrative Nursing Symposium,

about the Integration of Cannabinoid Science into Public Health. I have traveled to Iceland, Montreal and Colorado.

I was honored to be the ONLY NURSE with an accepted abstract to present with leading scientists at the Institute of Cannabis Research Inaugural conference in April, 2017.

Dr. Raphael Mechoulam, the first scientist to discover internal THC was the honored keynote speaker and presented a truly informative talk about CBD dosing research ignored for almost 40 years!

Did you know ALL the research that has been done on CBD was conducted with purified CBD isolate like our ISO99 crystal reconstituted in a food grade oil?

Watch Dr. Mechoulam’s keynote presentation for a truly mind blowing and educational experience regarding the evidence base and CBD dosing.

This Scientist discovered almost 40 years ago that 800mg of CBD isolate per day will STOP the symptoms of Schizophrenia!

Watch the presentation to learn more!



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