Welcome to The Center for Cannabinoid Nursing and Integrative Science.

At CINCS.org our mission is the Holistic Integration of Cannabinoid Science into Global Public Health.

Our primary focus here at CINCS, is the distribution of evidenced based public health information, cannabinoid  education and holistic integration into Tertiary Prevention public health.

We strive to increase awareness of the multidimensional environmental, cultural and social factors  contributing to the vulnerability of those choosing to integrate cannabinoid therapy into a self care regiment.




The Center for Integrative Nursing and Cannabinoid Sciences is a global public health agency nurturing the ethical integration of cannaceutical sciences into the multidimensional context of everyday health and wellbeing.

At the leading edge of the holistic integration of cannaceutical sciences into the well being of populations around the world.

Our Mission

Our Mission

To increase wellbeing and decrease vulnerability of global populations by the ethical integration of cannabinoid sciences into the sociopolitical context of health through the generation and dissemination of evidenced based education, research and information.

Who Are We

Courtney Allen-Gentry,RN MSN PHN AHN-BC HWNC-BC is the founder and visionary of The Center for Integrative Nursing and Cannabinoid Sciences.

A board certified, advanced holistic and integrative public health and wellness nurse coach, she has spent a lifetime immersed in the socio political, cultural and environmental context of cannabis integration.



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