At CINCSciences we deliver the highest standard in cannaceutical science education, information and research for nurses and patients.

Since the beginning, nurses have used plant medicine in the management of symptoms at the patient bedside in acute circumstance as well as chronic ongoing conditions.

Holistic education designed specifically to meet the highest ethical standards of nursing practice.

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Cannabis_Nurse_Coach Integration

Developing THE Standard of Nursing Practice for the Integration of Cannabis Science into Global Public Health.

Poster from the 21st International Congress on Palliative Care.

Educating in the Gap: Integrating Cannabinoid Science into Nursing Practice Utilizes the multidimensional framework of Integral Nursing Theory to guide holistic practice. Following  the 4 Quadrants of Being; clearly defined dimensional experiences coexisting within every individual reality which guides the nurse in addressing the whole person and their multidimensional experience of vulnerability.

Validate the multidimensional experience of cannaceutical science integration into basic nursing practice with the dynamic models presented for best practice.

6 Rights of Cannabis Medication

Modeled after the 6 Rights of Nursing Medication, the most basic standard of nursing practice of pain management by the California board of registered nursing.


Cultivating You Own Inner Cannabis Garden

Learn lifestyle factors to nurture and grow well being by cultivating best practices for everyday living to tone your endocannbinoid system.


Coming Dec 8th! 


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Guided Meditations

Endocannabinoid activation for mindfulness

Endocannabinoid activation for specific disease conditions.