Monographs provide condition specific, cannabinoid science research and information developed to support decision making in the treatment of each condition. Monograph information promotes patient medical autonomy and safe decision making by addressing the holistic experience of medical cannabis clients from four different perspectives of being including the socio and political environment. The Consumer Model of Nurse Herbalism is the framework guiding the delivery of the highest quality evidenced based cannabinoid science to assist clients in self care and symptom management.

Case Studies  facilitate evidenced based data collection and reporting of patient information in a structured approach. Using the highest standard of documentation according to case study guideline research, case studies are pre formatted for easy completion by participants and meet standards of ethical client research.

Standardized Procedures – Independent Practitioner are built predominately to expand the abilities of independent nurse entrepreneurs beyond non interventional coaching and patient education in the clinical interface.

Standardized Procedures – Office Practice are built for nurses practicing in a clinic or primary care office and expand the nurses ability to act under specific practice guidelines under the direct supervision of a physician.

The New Client Guide is designed to help the new cannabis user determine his or her own best medicine while limiting risk for overdose and unwanted side effects. The New Client Guide walks the new client through the multiple choices in strains and delivery methods available in the dispensary, preparing the new user for a pleasant medication experience.

Dosing Record is designed to help clients track and identify the best dosing parameters for their individual condition.

Self Reflection/ Effect Assessment assists clients in discerning medication effects and relief from pain or discomfort based on a guided self reflection designed to help clients determine the efficacy of their medicine.